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About John

John Maloney is a caring and dedicated stop-smoking coach with the background and personal experience to truly understand the struggles that smokers face every day. He has experienced his own addiction to cigarettes, as well as the physical and emotional challenges involved with quitting, and is passionate about helping others win their battle with cigarettes too. John can give you the stop smoking help you need to help you quit smoking for good.


Growing up in a family environment with a heavy smoker in the house, John was exposed to cigarettes at a very young age. And like many others in these situations, by his early teen years he had picked up the habit himself. As he grew older, his smoking addiction grew stronger and stronger – especially during times of high stress. Sometimes, it even got to the point where he would light one cigarette while another one was burning so that he didn’t have to breathe in any fresh air. He even kept an ashtray near his bed so that if he got up in the middle of the night he could take a few puffs. Like most smokers, John never really thought about why he smoked so much – it was mostly just habit. His body had become so addicted to the nicotine that he felt like he needed it to help calm and relax him.


John went on like this for many years – like a mindless machine – until while he was under extreme stress, he found himself in a situation where there were no cigarettes available for an extended period of time. The desire to smoke was so powerful, and the pain of not smoking so intense, that it finally made him stop and ask himself why. Why does not having a cigarette cause such pain, suffering and mental anxiety? It was during the search for an answer that the switch was flipped. He realized he was not really smoking for any type of pleasure or satisfaction, but rather he was smoking to avoid the pain of not smoking. From that point on, he made it his mission to figure out how to kill that desire – first in himself … and then to help others who were feeling chained to cigarettes do the same.


After smoking over a quarter of a million cigarettes in his life, John has been smoke-free now for over 20 years. As your stop-smoking coach, he can provide you the guidance, support and knowledge you need to overcome the cravings, the stress and the fear – and finally kill your desire and quit smoking, once and for all.


"Having smoked a quarter million cigarettes in my lifetime, I understand the struggle.


Don't settle for anything less than the personal attention you deserve.


Once the DESIRE is dead, you will be totally FREE from cigarettes and their harmful dependency."


John Maloney

Founder, Kill the Desire

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The Basic Truths of Quitting

No one can make anyone else want to quit smoking.


When someone tells a smoker it is time to quit, the smoker DOUBTS the necessity; and nothing happens.


When the smoker tells himself or herself it is time to quit, he or she BELIEVES that something has to be done; and something does happen.


No decision is needed to become a smoker.  Unfortunately, to become an ex-smoker, the decision to quit is an absolute necessity.

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It all comes down to:

One-on-One support until the desire to smoke is dead.


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